Every item, from our tapestries to cushions and placemats, is a manifestation of our passion for textile heritage and meticulous design. Every detail is carefully crafted to add beauty, comfort and character to your home.

The Beauty of Authenticity

Spaces with Unique Handmade Decoration

“The home should be the treasure chest of living” – Le Corbusier

Turn every corner of your home into a reflection of your individuality. These unique pieces, loaded with texture and color and tradition, transform your spaces into a living expression making every room a place that is authentically yours.

Handcrafted Innovation

Technique and Art Merged

At Fibra Carpets, artistic composition is essential; we specialize in a distinctive technique that combines fibers and textures to create rugs that are more than decoration: they are expressions of art that capture and celebrate creativity without barriers.

Stories of Our Legacy

Unique Spaces, Satisfied Customers

They have spectacular exclusive designs, for furniture, rugs and decorative items, all handmade, with natural fibers. I loved how it changed my house. Very tasteful.

Juan Carlos Rojas

I visited Fibra plant and showroom in Cajica last week, the product is exceptional and 100% handmade. The owner is very profesional and knowledgeable of the industry. I will highly recommend their products.

Jamal Berrada

Recommended, works with the best designs, variety, culture, motivation, innovation, and transparency. Excellent!

Juliana Cuellar

It is spectacular the handcrafted work they do, promoting the culture of manual labor that is being lost more and more in our country, so I recommend them 100%.

John Alvarez

The quality of its 100% handmade pieces, the unique design with natural fibers. The warmth of its people and their attention

Angélica Sarmiento

They make an important effort to preserve and rescue the centuries-old tradition of carpet making in Cajicá, but also to innovate with products, designs, materials and techniques, to constantly offer new things to the public. I also love that they support the women of the region. All very professional.

Ana Carolina Pereira
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