About us

With 30 years of history, each piece reflects our commitment to quality, sustainability and lasting beauty. We are a team that lives our heritage with passion and dedication to our artistry.

We are Fibra Carpets


“The heart of the economy lies not in large corporations, but in the small, family-owned businesses that make up its fabric.” – Michael Bloomberg

We are a proudly family owned company, founded in 1999 in Cajicá, Colombia, where we take our inspiration and passion for honoring centuries of handmade weaving history.

what drives us

Unique designs full of beauty and tradition


We preserve, value and respect the art of ancestral weaving.


We help to create spaces of harmony, beauty and tranquility in every home.


We are always proud of our work.

Our Essence

From Colombia to the World: A Woven History

Tradition & Innovation

We fuse the ancestral with the modern, offering rugs that are true works of art.

Environmental Commitment

We choose natural fibers and sustainable processes, respecting our planet in every design.

Passion for Handcrafts

Each creation is a testament to dedication, handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Total Customization

Your vision, our mission. We create custom pieces that reflect your identity and style.

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Exclusive, unique, original designs
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Years of Cajicá's Weaving Tradition
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