Our Rugs

The culmination of exceptional artisanship and customization. Each piece is a celebration of textile heritage, carefully crafted to bring beauty, comfort and character to your home spaces.


Warmth & Comfort

We select the finest virgin and acrylic wools, renowned for their strength and elasticity. These fibers not only offer durability, but also naturally regulate temperature and humidity, guaranteeing your comfort in any climate.


Ruggedness and Elegance

Colombian leather is the protagonist for its unsurpassed quality, providing our products with exceptional durability and an unmatched presence that ages gracefully.

Fique fiber

Intertwined Tradition

Our fique fiber , extracted with sustainable practices, is the perfect choice for those who value the strength and cultural history in each handcrafted creation.

Natural cow Skins

Unique Style

Where rich texture meets unmatched strength. It becomes the centerpiece of the spaces it decorates.

Handcrafted Innovation

Technique and Art Fused

At Fibra Carpets, artistic composition is essential; we specialize in a distinctive technique that combines fibers and textures to create rugs that are more than decoration: they are expressions of art that capture and celebrate creativity without barriers.

Find your Ideal Texture

Explore each of our noble materials

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